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Stewart Park has sent you a communication email from Harrow Swimming.

Last weekend our Masters swimmer Stuart Hutcheson took part in the 10Km Open water swim. Stuart has provided us with a report of the race. I am sorry to say, Stuart also provided me with some beautiful photos of the days racing. But I am unable to upload them to this report. I am sure you will all join me in congratulating Stuart on his efforts, one of Stuart's many success's during the Open Water season. 

Our younger swimmers will be trying their hand at Open Water swimming. With the London region Open Water Championships taking part on 2nd July. 

Hopefully you will be inspired by Stuart and look to try your hand at Open Water swimming. Available for both Children and Adults.

Stewart Park

Head Coach 

Jubilee River Swim 2017

Sunday 11th June Organised by My Sporting Times (mysportingtimes.com)

The Jubilee River is a man-made flood relief channel opened in 2002, and as well as diverting water from the Thames at times of high water levels, it has long since blossomed into a wonderful habitat for wildlife and has become incredibly popular for recreational use with its adjacent footpaths and cycle track.

In 2012 we received permission from the environmental Agency to become the very first recreational users of its water, and the Jubilee River Swim has gone from strength to strength ever since.

We swim 10Km starting from the foot bridge near Mill Lane in Taplow at its western end, to Pococks Lane roadbridge few hundred yards short of the river re-joining the Thames near Eton.

The three weirs along the rivers length mark hand over points for the relay swimmers, also the location of the feed stations.

This was an interesting swim with a deep water start and the walking round each weir. The above background is from My Sporting Times who organised a very good event. It is an excellent event for trying out open water swimming as the relays have varying distances. At each exit point there were timing mats.

This was billed as a 10K swim but in fact was four consecutive swims of varying distances.

1.9k, 3.5K, 2.6K and 1.5K Water temperature 16degC

Stuart Hutcheson

1st leg 1.9K 42:56.9   Position 179 2nd Leg 3.5K 01:22:43.2  Position 165   3rd leg 2.6K 01:02:38.7 Position 150  4th Leg 1.5K 36:34.5 Position 156

The first leg is the only time which is does not include walking.

We had a very good day and the light breeze did not cause trouble. There were wetsuit swimmer (solo) and non wetsuit swimmers (solo skins) who swam the whole distance and relay teams.

The Fastest time of the day was 2hrs 38.6seconds, with the Slowest time 4hrs 51mins 47.2seconds. Open water swimming is a great activity for all abilities. If anyone is interested the entry is open for next year.

Stuart Hutcheson