My son is 11 years old and wants to play basketball two afternoons a week? Is playing other sports ok?

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Yep! Pre teen kids should be out enjoying life, being fit, learning skills and being active. Sure – once they get to mid – late teens and make the commitment to be a great swimmer, then some of their other activities will need to be cut back but at 11 the “more the merrier”. A lot of sports have several cross over effects on swimming including:
• Basketball – leg power, co-ordination, speed, endurance.
• Gymnastics – balance, timing, flexibility, power, co-ordination.
• Martial arts – balance, timing, flexibility, power, co-ordination, self confidence.
• Running – aerobic fitness, leg strength.
• Soccer – aerobic fitness, leg strength, co-ordination, speed.
Look at the obesity epidemic in kids in all developed nations. It would be great to have every kid in the world swimming laps, but just having them outside playing sport and moving their bodies instead of seeing them inside eating junk food while watching tv has got to be good!