Squad Movement

The BHSC Squad Structure has been developed to offer a pathway for all swimmers to develop within the club with a focus on Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD). We must note that these will evolve and that there is a broad variation in our swimmers in terms of: age, physical strengths, motivation, inherent skill, competition Performance  and future potential. These factors will go some way to determine which squad is best of a swimmer.

Each Squad should be seen as a Spring Board (rather than a ceiling) for each swimmer to develop, grow and improve upon. Use the training and experience of the coaches to your maximum, there is no limit to what you can achieve within each squad with the right attitude.

Squad movement will be reviewed by the Head Coach and Squad coaches twice each season, Squad moves will take place:

1st February

1st July

Movement outside of these dates will happen if a swimmer fails to comply with the Performance or Attendance Criteria for their squad.

Swimmers who show progression within their current training squad, may be offered transitional a session with the squad above their current training squad. This will be offered by the Head Coach on recommendation of the squad coach.