Stroke Development Squad (commencing 30th August 2016)

Coach: Daniel Andrawos                Email:

 Equipment: Kick Board, Pull Buoy, Fins. Swimmers must bring a bottle to each session.

Minimum Attendance: 3 pool sessions a week + Thursday  Land Training session.

Stroke Development squad aims:           

Develop technique on all 4 competitive stroke

Develop Streamline and underwater phase for all 4 strokes

Teach Racing Starts & Turns

Learn correct use of Pace Clock

Progression: Once achieving the desired skill level swimmers will progress to County Age

If swimmers do not meet the minimum attendance they will move to Jnr Advance Squad.

Monthly Squad fees is £40 paid by Direct Debit 

Direct Debit setup link

or go to

and click on your squad name and fill the form. Please cancel your current standing order mandate once you have received acknowledgment that the direct debit has been set up.