Why do you always go on and on about streamlining and working our turns?

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“Swimming is so much more than butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle. There is a fifth stroke – underwater technique and skills. You can be the fastest freestyle swimmer in the state, but never win a medal at championships because you have slow turns and sloppy under water work. So the reason i always go “on and on” is because streamlining, turns, starts, dives and underwater kicking are as important as any of the four competitive strokes. Imagine having a race car with a huge engine but it couldn’t turn, steer around corners or brake when it had to: you would never be able to drive it at full speed because of limitations in its handling and braking. Swimming is the same. You can do a lot of work improving your swimming speed, endurance and power but never realise your full potential unless you consistently work on improving and enhancing your skills”.