10 Things Swimming Parents Do That Coaches Can’t Stand

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A close friend and one of the giants of world swimming coaching has a saying:

“My idea of coaching heaven is to have a ten lane, world-class swimming facility, with a fully equipped, professional quality gymnasium and a state of the art recovery centre built right alongside the world’s biggest orphanage.”

Why would someone with Olympic Gold medal, world record and world championship level coaching credentials feel so strongly about the challenges of working with swimming parents?

Diet and nutrition for competitive swimmers

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Forget trying to outswim a bad diet – achieve the performance you deserve by thinking smart with your eating. Here we explain how.

You put in the hours in the pool, work hard and stick to your training plan, but if it all goes wrong in the kitchen, you could be selling yourself short. Don’t let a poor diet ruin your hard work and training. Instead, maximise your performance by feeding your body with all the nutrients and energy-giving food it needs.

My child has made the finals at a gala, but I don’t understand the lane order - can you explain?

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The lane order in finals is decided from times achieved in the heats.  In a six-lane pool for example, the fastest qualifier will swim in lane 3, second fastest in lane 4, third in lane 2, fourth in lane 5, fifth in lane 1 and sixth in lane 6.  In theory, this creates a spearhead formation in the race.

Lane order may also follow this format during heats.

I have heard reference to short course and long course. What is it?

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Short course galas/competitions are held in a 25m pool (like Bradford Grammar, Aireborough and Shipley).  Long course events are held in a 50m pool and these events will be either graded or Open meets.  Most open competitions will required entry times to be submitted. 

Short course times will always be faster than long course times because a swimmer will complete more turns and can take advantage of the push off the wall.  Where you require a conversion time between long and short course times, please see your coach.

What is a Graded Meet?

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A graded meet is specifically designed for club swimmers.  These galas have specified times set before the gala.  If you can swim faster than this time, you are not eligible to swim in the gala. 

Myths about volunteering

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People are often put off volunteering because they believe they would not have the skills or time to give to the role. Read on and see if we can dispel some of these myths.

“I want to help out, but I can’t because I don’t know anything about the sport!” 

How to Become a Winning Parent?

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is internationally-known expert in peak sports performance, Dr. Goldberg works with athletes and teams across all sports at every level, from professional and Olympic caliber right down to junior competitors. Dr. Goldberg specializes in helping athletes overcome fears & blocks, snap out of slumps, and perform to their potential.  

How good can I be? Do I have what it takes to be a great swimmer?

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“How good you can be, has nothing to do with me. It’s up to you. I can write the workouts. I can help you improve your technique and skills. I can help you get faster, stronger, more flexible and more powerful…I can do all that stuff but in the end, greatness is a choice and success is a lifestyle. Your passion and your desire to succeed will determine how far you go in this sport. I will help you all I can, but in the end, it’s up to you”.