Executive Members Code of Conduct

The purpose of this code of conduct document is to provide Executive Committee members with clear guidelines as to their standard of behaviour, responsibilities, and best practice in fulfilling their obligations to the Borough of Harrow Swimming Club.  The Officers of the Club expect that Executive members will fully comply with these guidelines

  • Committee Members must respect and uphold the confidentiality of all matters disclosed at Committee meetings or otherwise relating to the work of the club, except to the extent that disclosure is authorised by the Committee on any given occasion. 
  • Members of the Committee must treat all other member of the Executive Committee, Coaches, parents and Swimmers with respect and not bully any individual into taking decisions/actions they do not feel comfortable.
  • Committee Members must act and make decisions in the best interests of the Borough of Harrow Swimming Club and its present and future members. Where professional help is required for the Committee Members to be able to make the best decision on behalf of the BHSC, that assistance should be sought and considered carefully.
  • Committee Members must not receive any financial or non-financial benefit from membership of the Executive Committee.
  • Committee Members should not exert any influence to gain any preferential treatment for themselves or their families.
  • Members of the Executive Committee shall adhere to and carry out Executive Committee decisions, whether or not they personally agree. These decisions should be communicated in a unified manner. 
  • Committee Members must refrain from public criticism, direct or indirect, of other Executive members or coaching staff. This includes personal, emails and social media platforms which includes (but not limited to) Facebook and Twitter. 
  • Committee Members should be prepared to spend an appropriate amount of time preparing for Committee meetings. A minimum attendance of 70% of meetings is required of Committee Members, in order to ensure that best practice in Club governance is reached and maintained. 
  • Committee members should not miss three, or more, consecutive Executive Committee meetings. If either this, or the above requirement, is not met then Executive Committee membership will be reviewed. 
  •  Executive Committee members must restrict email communication of confidential club business to other Committee members and not share, discuss or disclose this information with others.   
  • Should a Committee Member feel that they require further guidance or training in their role, they have a duty to inform the Club Secretary and actively develop plans for new training on an individual or group basis.   
  • Should an Executive Member feel they are not able to comply with these guidelines, they must either lodge the reason with the Club Secretary or resign from the Executive Committee.
  • Committee members have a responsibility to act upon, and conclude any actions or assignments which have been agreed and allocated to them during committee meetings. In the event an action or assignment cannot be concluded within the agreed timescales, this should be communicated to the secretary at the earliest possible convenience.   
  • If a Committee or Club member has a complaint about the conduct of a member of the Executive Committee, this should be directed to the Chair in the first instance and not to be shared or discussed in public.  To ensure fair treatment, upon the receipt of a formal complaint, That Executive Member will be removed from active involvement in the Executive Committee until the Chair of the Club deems the risk of inclusion acceptable and/or following the outcome of any investigation..
  • With respect to representation of the club at meetings and other internal or external meets, any Committee member statements must be in line with the already agreed policy positions of the Executive Committee.  Where this is not the case, the Committee member must make clear that statements are made in a personal capacity.
  • The BHSC will strive to meet all legitimate expense claims by Committee members. However, these must be submitted using an expenses form, following the agreed procedure.
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