Congratulation to Stewart Hutcheson

Bulletin Date: 

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Henley Marathon 6th August 2017

This swim is aimed at swimmers looking to achieve the ultimate inland long distance challenge and covers one of the most beautiful stretches of the Upper Thames.

First swum in 2005 when Henley Swim founders Jeremy and Tom, wanted to see if they could swim the 14km distance from Henley to Marlow that they had rowed many times before.

Roll forward more than 10 years, and it has become one of open water swimming’s most prestigious ‘badge of honour’ marathon swims.

This is a 14K swim but broken into four consecutive swims of varying distances by locks4k, 6K, 1.8K and 2.2K        

Water temperature 17degC

Congratulation to Stewart Hutcheson, our master swimmer who has completed the course.

Here is Stewart's result

Overall  Position: 440/645

Overall time: 04:54:28

Category Position (solo): 138/200

Gender Position: (male): 271/392

The Fastest Time: 2h 41mins 2secs

The Slowest Time: 12hrs 37mins 47secs.     

Stewart commented 

"Henley always seems to have good weather. Although there had been rain, the current was not noticeable.

As the river has been low and warm there was more weed than in previous years. I think the number of swimmers without a wet suit is increasing but still a friendly crowd as usual"



The start at Henley Bridge about 1500m into the first leg
4000m done the first exit for a lock the end turn buoy from Marlow Bridge 
Turn for home  and climb out
The usual medal, hot chocolate and banana. Next week Summer training camp