Event Date
Closing Date
Lead Coach
Robert Crofts
Daniel Andrawos
Southbury Road Leisure Centre


Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th November 2018

Southbury Leisure Centre Southbury Road Enfield

1. The competition will be held under ASA laws, ASA Technical Rules of Swimming and these Promoter’s conditions.

2. The Meet has been licensed at Level 3 by the ASA, (3LR181584). All entries must be slower than the upper limit qualifying times as per the attached table. Should the meet be oversubscribed, the entries received soonest by the promoter will be given priority, subject to acceptance by the Promoter. The promoter’s decision in this matter is final. The closing date is midnight Friday 19th October 2018 or sooner if the meet is oversubscribed. Confirmation of accepted entries will be returned as soon as possible after this date and following receipt of a completed summary sheet and cheque.

3. Ages as on the last day of the meet – 18th November 2018
4. The pool is 25m long with 8 lanes, anti-wave lane ropes and Colorado electronic timing system in operation. 5. In the interests of time, ‘over the top’ starts may be operated at the discretion of the referee.

6. An adjacent warm-up and swim-down facility is available during the sessions. This area must not be used during the “formal” warm up period. It will be the responsibility of the coaches/team managers to ensure that their swimmers use the facility for the purpose intended.

7. A cardless entry system will be operated at this meet. Swimmers must withdraw using the appropriate form at the relevant desk no later than 15 minutes prior to the start of each warm up.

8. Swimmers must report to the clerks of the course when instructed to do so. Any competitor not reporting in time may be excluded.

9. Swimmers must be ASA registered at category 2 and have an ASA number and belong to an affiliated club..

10. Time trials may be available to swimmers at the promoter’s discretion and dependent upon space and will incur a fee of £5 payable before the race takes place. All time trials will be swum in the first heat with “NT” against the swimmer’s name. They will not be eligible for medals.

11. All events will be swum as combined age groups and seeded slowest to fastest irrespective of age.

12. The entry fee will be £5.00 for all events (this includes the ASA’s 20p levy). No refunds will be given except where entries are rejected. Clubs with more than 10 swimmers should enter electronically by using Hy-Tek’s ‘Team Manager Software.


Please see below the session timings for the Enfield County Qualifier Meet 17th & 18th November. The meet is very full so if you have any withdrawals please let me know and I can send this ahead of the meet.

Saturday  17th November

Doors Open 8.45am

Warm up     9.00am

Session 1 start 10.10am

Anticipated finish 1.40pm


Session 2

Warm up       2.00pm

Session 2 start  3.00pm

Anticipated finish  6.45pm


Sunday 18th November

Doors Open 8.45am

Warm up      9.00am

Session 3 start  10.10am

Anticipated finish 1.15pm


Session 4

Warm up  1.50pm

Session 4 start  2.50pm

Anticipated finish 6.20pm