Training sessions

Dear swimmers and parents,

I just wanted to email to clarify the procedure of a swimmer needing to leave a training session early, this does also include early morning training.

Whilst needing to leave a training session early sometimes is unavoidable do please think of the impact this will have on the rest of the squad that maybe in the middle of a hard set and the coach leading this session. Where possible please bare this in mind and try and pick up another training session that is available to you. With regards to early morning training where this may not be an option please could we ask for swimmers to go straight to school after training so you can attend the full session and gain maximum benefit.

Example of a swimmer leaving 10mins early once per week:

10mins = approx 500 meters of training missed x 4 weeks = 2000 meters missed per month x 10 months approx length of the competitive season = 20,000 meters per season down on other swimmers in your own age group, could that missed distance potentially be a County or Regional time?! Or even a National ranking position?!

If you do need to get out early please also bare in mind that as a club we have a duty of care to all the swimmers for the length of that training session, so could I please ask for parents/guardians to email your squad coach AT LEAST 24 HOURS BEFORE the start of that session and copy me into this email so that we all are aware that they are getting out. Could we please also ask that you make yourself known to the coach that you are there to collect your child, as you are aware leisure centres are public places and we do not want any children wandering around the building unattended where this can be simply avoided.

Squad coach email addresses are on the website for you find, but also please see below as your squad coach may have changed recently:

Robert Crofts (Head Coach and Regional Youth Coach) -

Daniel Andrawos (Assistant Head Coach, Land Training Coach, Regional and County Age Squad Coach) -

Gill Muir (County Development and Stroke Development Coach) -

Bradley Hill (Youth and Masters Squad Coach) -

Cheryl Lee (Youth Development Squad Coach) - 

Aaron Morgan (Youth Development Squad Coach) - 

Callum Hill (Foundation and Club Squad Coach) -

Daisy Suffield (Junior Advanced Squad Coach) - 


Kind regards,


Robert Crofts

Head Coach - The Borough of Harrow SC

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