Parents & Gaurdians Code of Conduct


Parents/Guardians are expected to:

 Ensure the club has up to date contact details for you.

 Complete and return the Health, Photography and any other Consent forms as requested by the club.

 Detail all health concerns relevant to the child on the Medical form. Any changes in the state of the child’s health should be reported to the coach prior to coaching sessions.

 Deliver and collect your child punctually to and from the coaching sessions/swim meets. Please immediately inform your squad rep, coach or another club official if there is an unavoidable problem. All reports of children left unsupervised after a session, will be investigated by the club.

 Supervise your child in the changing areas. The club is unable to act as a ‘babysitting service’ or to supervise the changing areas.

 Off poolside, the welfare of your child is your responsibility. If you are not going to remain at the pool during the session, your child (over 10’s only) or the coach an agreed plan in advance with you for looking after them in an emergency.

 If a child has to leave a session for whatever reason, it is the parent/guardians responsibility to instigate the agreed plan if they are not present at the pool. The coach cannot stop the session for your child alone.

 The parent/guardian of all children 10 and under must stay on the premises during the session.

 Ensure your child is properly and adequately attired for the training session/event including all required equipment, hat, goggles and all relevant training kit.

 Inform the coach before a session if your child is to be collected early from a coaching session/meet and if so by whom.

 Encourage your child to obey rules and teach them that they can only do their best. Do not force your child to swim.

 Behave responsibly as a spectator at training/meets and treat swimmers, coaches, committee members and parents of yours and other clubs with due respect, meeting the ASA commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion.  Ensure they do not use inappropriate language within the club environment.  Show appreciation and support your child and all the team members.

 Ensure your child’s needs are met in terms of nutritional needs, encourage them to eat the right foods, and listen to advice given from the Coaches

 Support the Head Coach and Committee and raise any concerns you have in an appropriate manner. Details of the clubs Welfare Officer can be found on the BHSC website.

 Do not enter poolside unless invited by the coach or in an emergency.

 If you wish to have a discussion with the coach please speak to them after a session or email them to arrange a suitable time.

 In your dealing with your child’s coach, treat the coach with respect and in the same manner, as you would wish to be treated.

 Most of all help your child enjoy the sport and achieve to the best of their ability.



The Borough of Harrow Swimming Club will undertake to:

 Inform you at once if your child is ill and ensure their well-being until you are able to collect him/her.

 Ensure good child protection guidelines are followed at all times to keep your child safe.

 Ensure all activities are properly supervised/taught/coached. The Parent has a right to:

 Make a written complaint to the club if they feel the club or a member of the club is not acting appropriately to ASA Club laws and rules. Details of how to do this can be obtained from the club Welfare Officer or a member of the clubs management committee.

 Make a complaint on behalf of their child to the ASA.



 The Coach will deal with breaches of the Code for Swimmers in the first instance.

 This may include a verbal warning followed by a sitting out for a ‘timeout’.

 The coach may also require the swimmer to get dressed and sit back on the poolside, if a parent or other responsible adult is not present.

 If the coach considers the breach (or breaches) merits this, the coach will report the incident to the secretary of the Club’s management committee, which will be dealt with in accordance with ASA guidelines.

 Sanctions for breach of any code may include a verbal or written warning or suspension from the clubs activities.

 The Club also has the right under its constitution to suspend or expel a swimmer for breaches by the relevant parent of the Code of Conduct for parents. Parental Responsibility at BHSC training Sessions If a Parent/Guardian or named adult has not been physically present during the training session we expect them to be at the pool promptly, as the session finishes to collect their swimmers. Must be at the venue at least 10 minutes BEFORE the training session ends. Please remember, if you are not going to remain at the pool during the session, your child or the coach must have an agreed plan in advance with you for looking after them in an emergency. Please do not leave your swimmer waiting after the session to be collected.


Parental Responsibility at Competitions:

Any Parent or Guardian wanting their child to compete at any galas need to comply with the following rules: -

 For Children aged 11 years or under: A named adult must be physically present at all times whilst they are competing. This does not necessarily need to be a parent but someone who is able to act on their behalf should the need arise.

 For Children aged 12 years and older: If a named adult is not physically present to support them, they must have a mobile phone with them so that they are able to make contact with an adult who would be able to come to the pool within 15 minutes should the need arise.

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