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About Our Staff & Volunteers

Borough of Harrow Swimming Club full time and part time staff and volunteers are dedicated to serving the needs of the club and would be happy to talk to you and help you in any way we can! Feel free to email the club , or you may contact a staff member directly below.

Executive Members
Hon. Chairperson Suzette Mohammad Suzette Mohammad
Hon. Secretary Peter Barnes Peter Barnes
Hon. Treasurer Zak Andrawos Zak Andrawos
Competition Secretary Dominique Ford Dominique Ford
SwimMark Coordinator Lara Nyman Lara Nyman
Workforce Coordinator Michele Parkes Michele Parkes
Health & Safety Katie Ruddell
Administrative Staff
Operation Manager Zak Andrawos Zak Andrawos
Club Administartor Janine Barclay Janine
Learn to Swim Coordinator Gill MUIR gill
Non-committee Volunteers
Team Manager Alison Panacides Alison
Team Manager Lucia Strati
Team Manager Tash Coupland Tash
Club Official (Referee) David Timms david
Official (J2S) Richard Coupland Richard
Official (J2S) Suzette Mohammad Suzette Mohammad
Club Shop Zak Andrawos Zak