Swimmers Code of Conduct

The Borough of Harrow Swimming Club CODE OF CONDUCT FOR SWIMMERS

Every member of the BHSC is always striving to achieve the next level of performance, giving 100% effort all the time is expected not exceptional



 Treat all members of the club with due respect, fellow Swimmers, Coaches and Officials.

 Treat all competitors and representatives from competing clubs with respect.

 The use of inappropriate or abusive language, bullying, harassment, discrimination, physical violence, poor behaviour will not be tolerated and will result in action being taken by the club.

 Possessing or allowing the use of any illegal, harmful or dangerous item, will result in action being taken by the club.

 Do not say or do anything that will bring BHSC into disrepute. This includes all forms of social networking.

 It is the responsibility of every swimmer to report anything dangerous in the pool or building to their coach, parent or a club official ASAP.



 Swimmers to arrive on poolside 15 minutes prior to training

 Arrive early in order to do a good blood flow warm up correctly before training (skipping / stretching)

 Have all your club kit with you. e.g. Pull buoy/kickboard/fins/paddles/skipping rope, etc.

 If Swimmers cannot attend training the coach must be informed prior to training either by text, phone or email.

 Give 100% of your best in both training and competition.

 Ensure you bring a full drinks bottle to every training session, and keep hydrated.

 Use the toilet before training and inform the coach if you need to leave the pool during training.

 Always listen to what your coach is telling you, do not talk whilst the coach is talking.

 Inform your coach if you are unwell or injured.

 Always swim to the wall as you do in a race and practise turns as instructed.

 Do not stop in the lane, you may get injured.

 Do not pull or sit on the lane ropes as this may injure others.

 Maintain lane discipline to avoid endangering other swimmers.

 Do not skip lengths or sets as you are only cheating yourself.

 Think about what you are doing during training.

 Behave sensibly in the showers & changing rooms.

 Ensure your contact details are always up to date.


 Arrive ½ hour before your meet is scheduled and in good time to warm up with your team mates.

 You must swim events and galas that the Head Coach has entered/selected you for unless agreed otherwise by prior agreement with the relevant club official.

 At Open meets, check with your coach when you should post your cards or sign in.

 Warm up before the event. Prepare yourself for the race.

 Warm up and swim down properly under Coaches guidelines.

 Always congratulate other swimmers after the race regardless of your own result.

 Warm up properly by swimming, not playing or stopping in the lane.

 Be part of the team. Stay with the team on poolside and if you leave for any reason you must tell the Coach and Team Manager where you are going.

 Listen for your race to be announced and go to the marshalling area in time and report in.

 Support your teammates. Everyone likes to be supported.

 You must wear club uniform and club hats when representing the club.

 After your race report to the coach, not your parents. Receive feedback on your race and splits.

 Performance enhancing drugs and illegal substances are all strictly forbidden. 

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