Training Camp Barcelona 2018

Spain Training Camp – Day 6

As the final training day and day of the camp draws to a close I am pleased to report that everyone has had a very rewarding, fun and action-packed week. I have been proud of all the swimmers in their attitude and maturity to all their training, studies and responsibility for taking care of themselves to ensure they get the best out of themselves day in and day out.

The last day was the same format as the previous two days, in terms of two swim and land session. However, as this was the last day the coaches were a little bit nicer to the swimmers as it was just the one hard swim and land session in the morning. The afternoon swim session was a joint session for all swimmers using the bungee cords, sprints and relays. The land training session was a recovery/injury prevention stretch sessions with all swimmers relaxing and winding down from the week.

After some fun time after dinner, it is now time for bed ready for traveling home tomorrow. Please keep a look out on the British Airways app and various comms form the club for the live schedule for arrival into Heathrow Terminal 3 once we have checked in at Barcelona. The flight is due to leave at 14:50 and land at 16:10 approx. Please ensure you are there with plenty of time for collection.

See you all tomorrow!

Spain Training Camp - Day 5

Today was a very exciting day for all the swimmers as it was our very own swim captain Ruby Coyle’s 16th birthday!!

Straight away, bright and early at 6 am I’m the lobby we made sure to say happy birthday to Ruby and present her with a card signed by everyone and then again after our first swim session and breakfast, we made sure to sing happy birthday to her again in the middle of the restaurant! After our second swim and land sessions, we then presented her with a cake and sweets and have a team photo!

We have some very tired faces but everyone is having fun and still very motivated which is great to see. With just one more day of training to go before our flight back Saturday afternoon, it is now time for dinner and an early night ready to push the final two swim and land sessions!

Spain training Camp – Day 4

Another successful is currently winding down and all swimmers and coaches are really into the swing of a very successful and productive training camp. 

The day started with an early rise (not as early as morning training in the UK, but still early enough for half-term) as we were in the pool for our first swim sessions at 06:30 am, with swimmers completing their pre-pool exercises at 6:15 am. After which it was straight for a well earnt healthy breakfast. Then after some rest and revision, it was then time for land training in the lovely warm sunshine. We were then at lunch for a quick snack before our second swim of the day and straight back to the hotel for our send land training session in the sun.

We then had just enough time for some rest and team bonding before the evening meal and now a well-earned early night ready for day 5.

Spain training camp - Day 3

As the third successful day draws to a close we have had a very action packed morning starting with an early morning land training sessions then a great team bonding few hours at the beach! Then it was time for lunch and some study/revision time and another land training session. Then in a very busy schedule, it was time to go to the pool for our single swim session.

With our very early swim sessions for the last three days, it is an early night for everyone ready for the next action packed and fun day!

Spain training camp - Day 2

As another successful day draws to a close we have had a very action packed morning with some study and lots of fun social time! The day started with a great team land training session to the sunrise and then straight on to a hearty team breakfast and meeting discussing the day ahead. After which everyone was then down to the pool for our single swim session of the day. Then after lunch and study time, it’s was then onto another land training session in the sun. We then had a few hours by the pool as a team with some even choosing to carry on their studying as well before an earlier dinner.

The swimmers are really bonding well as a team and really making the most of the week so far.

Now with very tired faces, it’s a much needed early night ready for another action-packed third day.

Spain training camp - Day 1

As a successful day 1 draws to a close we have had a very action-packed one! The day started with a team breakfast and meeting discussing the importance of making the most of this opportunity that they have. After which everyone was very excited about the week ahead. Today started with our first 2-hour swim sessions with all swimmers relishing the long course swimming. Then after a lovely healthy lunch with a wide variety of food provided by the hotel, revision and rest by the hotel pool, it was back to the pool for another swim session followed by land training. 

Now with very tired faces, it’s a much needed early night ready for day 2!